Business Success : Play Beyond the Level of Competition

If you ever want to get anywhere beyond where you are at now, don’t play up to the level of competition. What does this mean? For example, I had played baseball for a college that I went to. I was a pitcher. Pitching is not only a physical game, but a mental one as well. Whenever it came my turn in the rotation to throw a game, if the opposing team I was facing was a horrible team in last place with a bunch of players that looked like they didn’t even belong on the field, I was actually more worried to throw against them.


I was more worried because it would be absolutely shameful for me to lose a game against a last place ball club. Because if I couldn’t beat a last place team, then who could I beat? However, if I was up throwing against a team with a lot pro prospects and the team was high in its standings, I pitched with no fear. Because it didn’t bother me if I lost to a good team. As a result, I usually ended up performing well against the good teams, and poorly against the bad teams. The mental side of the game got the best of me.

The same holds true in life. Even if the money coming in is small, and your job is a crappy one, you still gotta play your best game. Continue to invest properly, spend your money wisely, and set your sites beyond your current job. Live as if you are a great investor. If it’s just $100 disposable income that you are able to put away each month, then put it towards good investments as if it were more. Whether it be towards a mutual fund, or your IRA, live like a good investor just for the sake of practice. If your job isn’t very rewarding and doesn’t compensate well, don’t show it. You go to your job looking good. Don’t just dress the part, but beyond the part. Look professional, and play professional. It’s all good practice. Look beyond where you are at and prepare yourself for where you want to go.

Image of smart young businessmen looking at camera at meeting

Image of smart young businessmen looking at camera at meeting

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, investor, top employee, or business owner, then start acting like one. Stop and ask yourself if what you do sounds like the habits of a successful person. You are far more capable than you realize.  In fact, imitate a successful person. Seriously.  It might sound a little silly, but try it. But be careful, imitating a successful person just might make you one.